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Happy Holidays!


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L. Chandler

L. Chandler is a mixed-media artist whose work showcases a variety of fibre art techniques and materials. She works in a small studio located in the wilds of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (where We Say Zed!) and is dedicated to creating artistic handmade items to delight and amuse.

Taking Care of Wee Snowflakes:

Wee Snowflakes (of the North) are delicate! While they won’t melt, there are some other concerns…

Do you suspect that Santa ate his cookies near the Christmas tree?

If so, you may have cookie crumbs clinging to your Wee Snowflake. The best way to remove them from your Wee Snowflake is to gently press painter’s tape or a lint roller to the area of the outfit that needs to be cleaned.

Is your Christmas tree still up in February because you can’t bear to take down your Wee Snowflakes?

Sweep up those dry pine needles and add them to your potpourri. The good news is that your Wee Snowflakes are perfectly happy hibernating 8 months of the year! Just be sure you care for them like you would your favourite human-sized sweaters; store them in a sealed plastic bag and if you want, include a small cedar block.

Is your Wee Snowflake looking as fuzzy as a wee caterpillar?

It might be time for a trim! Avoid a hairy situation by carefully skimming your scissors along the outside of the hat or dress, making sure not to cut into the felted fabric.

Sugar and spice and everything nice… What are Wee Snowflakes made of?

Wee Snowflakes are made from 100% wood clothespins. The Christmas hats and dresses are created by knitting 100% wool yarn. Wet felting is done by hand using the freshest North Vancouver water. After felting, each item is individually shaped and air dried using only the crispest Canadian air. We would be thrilled if elves hand-sewed the buttons, but inexplicably they are focusing their work on shoes and toys this season.

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